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    I wrote a little something about reading here.

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    went to shows alone in nyc for years, could have def used this

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    The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

    Aries: You might feel a little distant from your own life this week, like you’re far from home even when you’re in your own kitchen, in your own bed, in the most familiar corners of your thoughts. This week might feel strange, but if you keep your eyes open you’ll be able to find a beautiful bright clarity. You’ll be able to know what you want. You’ll be able to see what you need to do. You’ll be able to come back to earth when you’re ready, but for now just focus on breathing in this cold clean air.

    Taurus: This is a week for cleaning bad feelings out of your house, for clearing bad feelings out of your body. There are so many ways to keep living. There are so many ways to get free, and there are so many kinds of strange joy that you can let into your heart, and it’s okay to quit things that make you sad, sometimes. It’s okay to walk away. It’s okay to talk and talk and talk until your secrets turn into air. Drink water or go on the longest walks or cook something beautiful just for yourself.

    Gemini: The world around you might not fully make sense this week, and this is okay. The world around you might feel tangled and bendy and wild, but it will be filled with the glimmer of possibility. It will be filled with the thrill of the future. Your days will come into focus slowly, and the truths you are looking for will reveal themselves to you when you don’t even expect it. Your life might not make sense, but you have what you need to keep moving. Listen to songs you don’t understand. Listen to songs about love.

    Cancer: This is a week for talking, it’s a week for making so much bright golden noise, it’s a week not to hold back. This is a week for saying things that might embarrass you, as long as you speak with a full heart. This is a week for saying things that might make your life strange, a week for saying things that might make your life better, a week for saying what’s been on your mind. Write letters, write long funny emails, stay up late at night on the phone. Talk about your secrets. Talk about your love.

    Leo: The world might feel slow this week, and you might feel stuck. It might feel like there’s nowhere to move, like there’s not enough air, but still there are so many ways to make space for yourself. There are so many places to find movement, even on the slowest and weirdest days. It’s a week for reading, it’s a week for telling stories, it’s a week for turning up the music loud enough that you can feel it in your bones, wild enough that you can hear it in your dreams.

    Virgo: This week, your dreams might feel heavy with meaning, and your days might shine with truth, and you can see your face reflected back to you in windows and mirrors; you can see your own life reflected back to you in the sky, in the morning, in the eyes of the people you know. It’s a week for finding small moments of quiet for yourself, a week for building slow peaceful days, a week for sitting back and letting your mind wander and watching the golden afternoon light. It’s a week for remembering who you are.

    Libra: This week, you can feel something inside you fit into place, you can feel your life start to make sense to you again. This week, you can believe in the rhythms that beat in your dreams, you can believe in the love pumping in your heart, you can believe in the things that you feel in your bones to be true. Let the world fill you with a sense of wholeness. You’re made of blood and bone and water and dreams and you don’t have to try to be anybody but your own sweet self.

    Scorpio: This week, if you pay attention, you might feel your body in moving in some kind of funny rhythm with the world. You might feel your thoughts moving in harmony with the life you’ve built for yourself. You might a stillness, or a sweetness, or a funny feeling of peace. It’s a week to let the world move you. It’s a week to sit back in awe at all the wild days that have brought you here. It’s a week to drink coffee, to be good to your friends, to watch the world spin, to wait and see.

    Sagittarius: This week might feel strange, it might feel frustrating, it might make you so impatient. This week might feel like nothing is quite settled, like nothing is quite what you’re expecting it to be. Sometimes it takes such a long time for the patterns of your life to make themselves known. Sometimes the way forward is clear, and sometimes you just have to be patient, sometimes you have to do the best you can while you wait. Try to be kind. Try to keep moving. Try to trust that the message will become clear.

    Capricorn: This is a week for learning new ways not to back down when the world gets strange. This is a week for learning new ways to create your own light, to create your own energy, to create your own fire. It’s a week for moving, it’s a week for sweating, it’s a week for shouting and singing and cooking and eating. Fill yourself up with stories of people who are brave enough to keep living. Listen to music that makes you believe in your own body, your own strength, your own life.

    Aquarius: The skies might feel heavy above you this week, the ground might feel hard, the streets might feel crowded and close. The world might try to shrink your imagination, or your belief in your own bright magic, or your wild love for the people around you. This is a week for staying bright and generous even in a difficult world. This is a week for resistance, it’s a week for pushing back, it’s a week for staying strong and strange in the face of all the forces that would have you feel small.

    Pisces: This week, follow the rhythm of the earth as it spins under your feet. Follow the rhythm of songs played in supermarkets, in cars, in your head. Follow the thoughts that won’t leave you alone. Follow the images that keep tugging at you, keep speaking to you, keep bothering you. Follow the things that move you, even if they don’t make sense yet, even if you aren’t sure where they’re taking you. It’s not your job right now to know why. All you have to do is honor your own instincts.

    Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May

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    Look At The Ghost You Made Out Of Me (Waiting, Waiting)
    9x12” Screen Print
    Leslie Dorcus

    (Week 43 of 52)

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    TODAY is the official release date of YOUR ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BECOMING ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE, now out in bookstores! 

    Thank you everyone for all your love and support. And hope to catch many of you in person during my fall book tour in the coming days and weeks! 


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    we don’t talk anymore

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  10. "Let go of people who have already let go of you."
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