1. calicocomics:

    i’m working on a new comic called MY PRETTY VAMPIRE, which i will debut as a B&W mini-comic of at this year’s SPX. i’m going to post it on tumblr as i make it as a chance to experiment with digital coloring/animation. hope you’ll follow along!

  3. plslala:

    In the Up Part of the Wave

    8 page full color broadsheet newspaper about being under and coming up.

    It’s back “in stock” on the east coast with me.

    Order it from Floating World


    from me here

    I think I posted this before, but I’m posting this again because it is one of my favorite comics.

  4. kritseldis:

    Postcard from National History Museum of Latvia, showing knitted mittens from 19th century.

    I find it so sweet, that knitted mittens are gloried as treasures of Latvia!

    Future winter knitting projects.

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  5. therumpus:

    The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

    Aries: This is a week for getting out of your own head; this is a week for living in the world. This week will be so full of good things you couldn’t have come up with on your own, good things you couldn’t even have imagined. Go to the movies, go to the beach, work in the garden. Go to the library and take out books you’ve never heard of. Talk to somebody you’ve never met and just listen to the things they have to tell you. There’s so much room to grow. There are so many things to see.

    Taurus: This is a week to feel your strength so fully; this is a week to feel love and wildness in your veins. This is a week to stand up for everything that you need; it’s a week to ask for every good thing you’ve been working toward. Turn up your music. Open your curtains to the sunlight Think of the life that you’re building for yourself, the one that you see when you close your eyes. Try to be bold, try to honor your own wild desires, and the world will reward you this week.

    Gemini: If you feel a little strange this week, if you feel a little lost, if your neighborhood feels a little empty, try to focus on all the things that keep you connected to the rest of the world. Think of the people you love, think of the people who move through the sames spaces you do, think of the people who’ve seen the same things you’ve seen. Think of all the strangers you share this world with. Let these connections with other people move you to live well. Let them make you feel less alone.

    Cancer: This is a week for clearing your head, it’s a week for making space to move, it’s a week for remembering how to breathe. You can dust out the weird dark corners of your heart. You can  face down your loudest doubts and change them into something smaller, something empty, something you can look straight at and not feel afraid. Your days can feel so good this week, and your nights can make you feel strong and alive. Listen to songs that make you feel like you’re swimming. Listen to songs that make you feel like you could fly.

    Leo: This is a week is going to feel so soft, this week’s going to feel so good, this week the whole world is going to be kind to you. You’ve been working so much, you’ve been trying so hard, and this is a week for relaxing for a minute. This is a week for settling into the bright life you’ve been building for yourself. Try not to work harder than you have to, right now. Sleep late if you can, or eat lunch outside, or go swimming, or convince yourself that this sweet summer could last forever.

    Virgo: If your days get strange or boring this week, or if you can’t stop worrying about your world, you’re going to find deep wells of bravery inside of you. You’re going to find so much light. You’re going to find enough compassion to map your own way through the mountains, to make all the light that you need. You can be so kind to the people you love, this week. You can be so gentle with your own tender heart. You can be brave enough to believe in your own future, brave enough to believe things will be ok.

    Libra: This is going to be a week for bright and strange kinds of honesty. This is going to be a week for looking at your life with clear eyes. Pay attention to the music playing in your heart. Pay attention to the colors in the corner of your vision. Pay attention to each prickle on your skin and each glimmer in the back of your memory. This does not have to be a week for action, just a week for looking directly at the truths you’ve already been carrying and a week for calling them by name.

    Scorpio: This is a week for telling your own stories and building your own life. The world has its own plans, always, but your body belongs only to you. Your heart belongs to you. Your stories belong to you, and there’s so much you can do with them. You can choose which stories to tell yourself before you fall asleep at night. You can choose which stories will keep you alive, which stories to believe, which ones to share. You can choose which stories to sing and which ones to forget. You can do anything.

    Sagittarius: This week you’re going to be able to see the funny edges of your world, the gaps between the world as you want it to be and the world that exists. There’s so much you can do in this in-between space. There are so many ways you can move. There’s so much room to grow bright and unafraid. There are so many golden dreams that could be yours. Try not to get overwhelmed by this. Don’t worry about changing your whole life. Just focus on waking up in the morning and opening the window and moving your feet.

    Capricorn: This week your days might feel bendy and strange, they might feel tangled, they might feel too weird to live inside. It’s going to be ok, and for now just focus on ways to keep moving. For now just focus on being good to your friends. Focus on being good to your neighbors, or your cat, or the plants on your windowsill. It’s ok to get a little sappy this week. It’s ok to use love as a way to survive in the world. It’s ok to trust that all your kindness will come back to you someday.

    Aquarius: This week, try to set the rhythms of your body to the rhythms of the world. Try to let yourself slow down in this summer haze. Don’t let anything rush you. Watch the sweet morning sunrise, feel the day heat up. Watch the afternoon storms roll in, slow and heavy. Listen to the crickets outside your window at night and listen to quiet songs until you fall asleep. It’s ok to let your energies cycle like the seasons. It’s ok to let your feelings change like the weather. It’s ok to trust yourself to know what you need.

    Pisces: This is a week for nurturing the goodness inside you in every way you can. It’s a week for treating yourself with all of the compassion you can find. It’s a week for taking some risks, too, but only the ones that will let you grow, only the ones that can help you live. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Don’t wind yourself too tight. Go a little easy on yourself. Spend your days cooking and eating with people you love. Spend your days reading stories with happy endings. Spend your days staring up at the sky.

    Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.

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  6. "You can be lonely even when you are loved by many people, since you are still not anybody’s one and only."
    — Anne Frank (via girl-human)

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    Ice Statue by Yumi Sakugawa

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    Aspen Forest Colorado (by Chad Galloway).

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    A letter from Keith Haring, to a young Basquiat.

    "Satisfy yourself. Don’t do it for anyone else."

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