1. print-52:

    It’s Been A Year Without It- Take My Hands, Please.
    11”x14” Screen Print

    Leslie Dorcus
    (Week 41 of 52)

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  3. justseedsartists:

    Our newest collective portfolio has been released! "Liberating Learning" is a small compendium of one dozen Risograph prints, in a limited edition collection. This project honors the caring, hardworking teachers seeking to make a difference in the lives of their students every day, and is intended to hang on the walls of classrooms and libraries where the magic of learning happens! Have a friend who’s a teacher or librarian? Forward this to them, or encourage your local institutions to acquire a copy! They’re discounted until school starts in the fall!

  4. justseedsartists:

    Bec Young’s Risograph print for our new Liberating Learning portfolio!

  5. marytremonte:

    Queer Scout Badge. 3” embroidered patch. open edition. 2011.

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  6. rustbeltjessie:


    الة كاتبة

    بحبهم <3 

    Sometimes when I’m sad, I look at pretty pictures of typewriters and then I feel a little better.

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  9. wardzwart:

    Ward Zwart - Moon

    for the comicsworkbook COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2014

    This comic is gorgeous and reminds me of ashersprogress's comics.

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  10. fionavocado:


    I think I should try this. Stash reduction plus money for my next tattoo equals win/win!

    omg yes.

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